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Red Haven Cottage
Storhammarsvägen 9
59098 Ukna / Edsbruk
Småland, Schweden


Welcome to Red Haven Cottage!

The Red Haven Cottage has 4 separate apartments with 9 double bed rooms offering comfortable possibilities for 18 people to stay overnight.

Three of the four apartments are equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom with shower and loo. The other apartment has three bed rooms instead of a kitchen and also a bathroom with a shower and a loo.

Each apartment is individually furnished, which gives them their own personal touch.

It's a plain fact that in summer, life takes place outside.
The Red Haven Cottage has enough space for its guests. It provides two large gardens which are to the north and the South of the house. For smoking guests, ash trays are available in the garden. Dogs are welcome.

The Southern part of the garden allows you to sit and relax below an old apple tree which also protects you from the sun on hot summer days. It is the perfect place to have your meal outside. The estate also offers you a sauna for up to 4 persons.

There is a supermarket (ICA-one of the biggest supermarket chains in Sweden) in the village for grocery shopping.